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Elaboración de Tarjetas

Elaboración de Tarjetas

Eventos Especiales de elaboración de tarjetas con los mejores materiales.

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Pasta Modeladora

Pasta Modeladora

El dia 24 de Marzo impartimos nuestro Taller de pasta...

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IMEPRE (Importadora de Equipo de Precisión, S. A.) is a Guatemalan company, founded in 1971, and has been around since that year in the national market.

Throughout these years IMEPRE has tried to maintain quality and prestige in the products and services it provides.

The area with which IMEPRE’s began our commercial work, representation and distribution is ACCURACY.  Equipment, tools, materials and items of Surveying, Geodesy, Meteorology, Hydrology, Climatology, Forestry, Photogrammetry, Laboratory Equipment (soil, water, microscopy …) and teaching, and others.

It expands the range of items to new areas, as:


  • Precision Equipment
  • Workshop equipment maintenance and repair
  • Technical Drawing
  • Fine and Graphic Arts
  • School supplies
  • Crafts
  • Craft Workshops
  • Curiosities

We are committed to Guatemalan society and our represented in:

  • Investigate the needs of our customers to cover, through suppliers, brands, products and services getting better at competitive prices. In the process of researching products and services referred to ergonomics, the environment ecologically friendly products, innovation, quality and price.
  • Designing and developing processes in order to effectively reach our customers, as it is you.

IMEPRE Today offers a wide range of products in different areas. All this has been achieved through teamwork with you, our customers, and, for our efforts in order to meet the highest requirements of quality and service you need.